Graphic Design


Visual Branding

I’m Katherine, a freelance graphic designer based in the stunning Winelands of South Africa. My passion lies in clean, minimalist design – a firm believer in the power of “Less is More.” By decluttering visuals, I empower brands with a social purpose. My clean designs ensure your message shines through without distractions, leaving a lasting impression. I collaborate with charities, NGOs, and mission-driven individuals and companies who share a vision of sustainability, community upliftment, and a brighter future.



Phillip van Niekerk

IT Specialist


Phillip embarked on his IT journey in 1996, commencing as a trainee PC technician and progressively advancing to the role of technician.

In 1999, he spent a year at Tygerberg College as a contracted lecturer, imparting knowledge in DOS, Lotus123, and Word Perfect to students.

In 2000, he transitioned into a computer consultant position at Sanlam, dedicating a decade to the company.

Come June 2010, Phillip ventured into entrepreneurship by founding Nexa Webdesign. Subsequently, he and Katherine collaborated on a project and decided to pursue a freelancing partnership, offering their expertise independently while often consulting on each other’s endeavours.

Bugsy Malone

Head of Security and Social Media Ambassador

This rescued pup (Jack Russell x Border Collie, we think!) overcame a rough start filled with fear, hunger, and mistreatment. Thanks to lots of love, hard work, and basic decency, Bugs is learning to trust again and enjoy the life all animals deserve.

Highly energetic, protective, and alert, Bugs is currently training at the K9 School of Zimzala to become a service dog – aiming for top dog in the next year or two! In the meantime, his “ferocious” attitude and protective instincts make him Graffikat’s top security guard (with a booming bark!), while also charming our social media followers.

Bugs even has a soft spot for other animals in need! If you’d like to donate to one of the charities we support, just let us know – we’re happy to share more information.

Lane Bonner


With three decades of administrative expertise, Lane Bonner is a highly experienced remote administrator. Her career has seen her excel in various administrative roles, enabling her to efficiently manage tasks, promote transparent communication, and thrive in the remote work environment. Lane has recently teamed up with Katherine at Graffikat, and we anticipate a highly successful collaboration ahead.

I believe in the power of collaboration! If you’re a freelancer with complementary skills, I’d love to connect and potentially offer our clients a more comprehensive service.