Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

Determining the right time to rebrand is crucial, yet many business owners overlook the signals until they face significant challenges. Here are some key indicators that will help you recognise when it’s the appropriate moment for a rebranding endeavour. 

Ethics in Design: Copyright, Plagiarism, & Inclusivity

In graphic design, creativity knows no bounds. But with great power comes responsibility. Let’s explore ethics: copyright, plagiarism, and inclusivity.

The Art of Storytelling through Visual Design for Women Entrepreneurs

Learn how storytelling enhances visual design for women entrepreneurs, fostering authentic connections with customers and setting your brand apart.

Graphic Design in the War Machine

Though it is often considered a form of art, graphic design can also be used for darker purposes: to influence and manipulate public opinion during times of war. This was particularly evident throughout World War II, when each side used its own form of graphic design...

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