Hourly Rate

The hourly rate for work carried out during the normal business hours of 09:00
and 17:00, Monday to Friday will be included in your Estimate. (Please note I
am currently located in South Africa, UTC+2)

Daily Rate

A daily rate can be negotiated depending on the clients’ requirements and budget. A deposit must be paid to secure the full day. As the full business day will be booked, any cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Project Fee

A project fee can be negotiated depending on the requirements of the job. A non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure the booking. Depending on the size of the project, a payment plan will be worked out according to milestones and payments must be made at each milestone before work continues. Watermarked work will be sent but the project must be paid in full before completed work without a watermark is sent.


After 17:30, weekends and South African public holidays. If you require any overtime work, please ask for an estimate. Overtime work is subject to time availability.


Please request a quote/estimate for work required. Please note that any changes to requested services will impact the quote/estimate. If work goes over the quoted hours, work will stop and you will be informed.

Responsibilities and liability

All reasonable care will be taken to ensure work is completed to the highest achievable standard, however, Katherine Emsley will not be held liable for loss, expense, or damage caused by any act or omission that occurs throughout the duration of the project. All clients are required to check the final work and sign off on all proofs provided by printers or manufacturers. Katherine Emsley and Graffikat is not responsible for any mistakes or damage once work has been approved or gone to printers or manufacturers.


Changes to copy, however small, do impact the work and can add considerable time to the project. For best results, please ensure that the copy you provide is complete and has been proofread. As I work with international clients, I am aware that spelling and grammar can change according to the region, therefore, I will not make any corrections. If you are providing copy in a language other than English, please take extra care to inform me if any systems have accidentally changed capitalisation or hyphenation etc.


Should The Client wish to cancel/terminate the agreement and discontinue any work in progress, The Client must notify Katherine Emsley and Graffikat immediately of this intention. Hours worked to that point will be invoiced if they have gone over the paid deposit amount.


I use timing software which automatically converts for invoices on jobs that are being charged at an hourly rate. The estimate is for the number of hours I expect the job to take. If changes and corrections are made, this ads time. If an error occurs which I have made, the timer will be turned off while corrections are made.

Deposit and Payments
  • A deposit of 25% as a booking fee is required on all jobs over R1000 before work commences.
  • New clients requiring work under R1000 must pay in full upfront.
  • Deposits are non-refundable unless cancellation is implemented by Katherine Emsley, Graffikat
  • Please send proof of payment to accounts@graffikat.com
  • All final work will be low-res and contain a watermark until the account is settled in full.