Making Projects Run Smoothly and Swiftly

1. Design brief

Please provide a detailed design brief that outlines your target audience, brand guidelines, desired aesthetic, and any specific preferences or ideas you have in mind. This will help me understand your expectations and provide accurate estimates.

* A Word/Pages document with a design brief questionnaire can be provided on request to help you with this. 

2. Copy

Please provide copy that is complete and has been spellchecked. I copy and paste text and do not make changes as my clients come from different regions and all use different spellings and languages. Editing copy after the design process has begun can add considerable time to the project which I can no longer provide without charging.

3. Images

Please provide any images you wish to have used. Images used for print will need to be high resolution 300dpi. Smaller images will pixilate or blur and I am not able to change that. I can provide licensed stock images, fonts, videos, sound files, and graphics from my library if required. Stock from my library will remain free of charge to you, however stock from other stock sites will need to be purchased.

A vector file of your logo or brand graphics will always be preferred over jpegs and will also save a lot of time which would otherwise be used removing backgrounds, redrawing, etc. 

4. Budget

Please let me know what your budget is before we start so that I can look at ways for us to work within that before starting. For larger projects, milestones can be set and payments can be made along the way. This can be agreed to between us before the project begins.

5. Deposit

Non-refundable deposits are required for new clients or projects over R1500. 

6. Contracts

A contract will be required for all new clients.

7.  Communication

I am available via phone and WhatsApp during office hours (stated below), but please give all instructions for changes or amendments in writing via email. This helps me to keep everything together and to avoid delays or missed communications. 

8. Deadlines

Please let me know what your deadlines are and when you need the final design files from me so that I can be sure to work out a plan according to that. Please know that incoming work and amendments go into a queue and I do them according to the queue, first come first serve style, so as to be fair to all my cherished clients.

8. Monthly Retainer

Retainer agreements can be arranged if you have regular or ongoing work requirements. Retainer agreements secure availability for a set number of hours or a specific scope of work each month. The advantage of a retainer arrangement is that it allows you to have dedicated design services available on a regular basis without the need for separate negotiations for each project or task. 

9. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

I consider all work done for my clients as confidential and do not post work to my website or various portfolios and social media platforms before the client publishes it unless otherwise specified by my clients. If your project involves sensitive information and requires confidentiality, please let me know before we begin so that extra precautions can be taken.