Doodles are often considered simple and casual drawings created absentmindedly while the creator is daydreaming instead of focusing on a task. However, they are also thoughtful creations that require a great deal of skill and creativity. In fact, doodling is now widely recognized as a form of art.

Zentangle by Iwona Kubarska

Doodlers specialize in creating intricate and detailed designs, as well as more simplistic and clean ones. The latter does not imply less skill or effort, but rather the artist has mindfully removed all unnecessary detail, resulting in a minimalistic creation.

A variety of tools are utilized in doodling, including pens, markers, pencils, paints, and digital tools like a digital pen or tablet. Doodlers are known to use any tool that can make a mark on a blank surface.

In recent years, doodling has gained wider recognition as an art form, and there are now numerous exhibitions and competitions dedicated to showcasing the work of doodle artists. Though not yet formally recognized as an art form, doodling is a form of artistic expression that can be both meaningful and beautiful.

Zentangle, a structured pattern that is repeated in a specific sequence, was coined by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, and it is a popular form of doodling that has gained a dedicated following. Mandala doodles are another form of doodle art that involves creating circular designs with intricate patterns and colors. Other popular forms of doodle art include sketch notes, which combine words and images to convey information, and bullet journaling, which involves creating personal organizers with doodles, notes, and lists. Doodle art can be created with a variety of tools, including pens, markers, and digital drawing software, making it a versatile and accessible form of artistic expression.

Doodling has evolved from being a mindless pastime to a respected form of art, and it is a great way to express oneself creatively and reduce stress for both seasoned artists and first-time doodlers.

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