News is starting to emerge on the various trends that are set to hit the graphic design industry for the year 2023. Much of it appears to be influenced by people’s realisation that the hustle-lifestyle is not only unsustainable but that there is more life than working and keeping up with the Jones’s. The pandemic has shown us the importance of our physical and mental well-being as well as breaking free of the chains that have held us down and kept us indoors. This means simplifying life, having fun, and rebelling against the rules which have kept us restrained over the last few years.

As I start my annual journey of preparing for the new years trends, I can’t help but find myself wanting to share a few things with you which are showing up, and which I have already started working on to be ready.

Firstly, Illustration is set to be big in 2023 and I am here for it! Hand-drawn illustrations alone or combined with 3D and realistic elements will be adding a more personal touch to brands.

Rules will be broken with experimental typography bringing an air of colourful whimsey as we welcome back the return of serif fonts, bright colours, and contrasting lines and shapes.

Movement and action will be sharing the spotlight, as animations and gifs liven up our feeds and even static design, like packaging, takes on the challenge by bringing back the QR Code as people have become accustomed to “scanning for more information”. 

Then, we come to what is exciting me the most. Referred to as “The Wild West” or “Digital Anarchy”, 2023 will be about breaking rules, breaking free, and breaking the chains. Collage will be making a comeback as we seek to embrace the chaos. Acid green terminal typefaces, screenshots, digital artefacts, constructing elements with 3D, 2D, and hand-drawn assets. This organised chaos and digital anarchy hearken back to my student days when I became obsessed with the work of David Carson and Neville Brody. My final year as a design student was dominated by collage and experimental typography, trends which I welcome back with great excitement and a sense of nostalgia.