1. Mysticism

With regards to Mysticism in design, it is about creating an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Symbols and imagery that are related to astrology, divination, and sorcery are used along with a muted colour palette and curves help to create a calming, natural and celestial world with deeper meaning.

Visually, they’re lighter, more delicate and evoke feelings of positiveness, upliftment, escaping worldly pressures.

2. 3D

3D Design is diverse and growing in popularity.
“One of the popular directions of 3D design will be plasticine clay, which is made with imperfect uneven surfaces, shaped as if by fingers. It shows all the beauty hidden in imperfection. In 2023, 3D design will mix with 2D and may also become a part of a mixed dimension.” – Amadine

3. Mixed Dimension/Mixed Media

Reality meets digital life. Combonations of photography and illustrative elements, creating whimsy, colourful bursts, playfulness.

4. Punk revival

A rebellious counterculture with roots as early as the Dada movement of the 1920s. While Punk has mostly existed on the fringe, 2023 will see mass appeal as more people become unhappy with failing systems.

5. Retro line art

Minimal line art, simple, playful.

6. Folk botanical

Flowers, leaves, vines, nature, nature nature for patterns, backgrounds, and frames. In 2023 this style will become more raw, with rough, sketchy lines and textures.

Which is your favourite?