Colour is an important part of all design. As such, it’s no surprise that designers make colour decisions with a great deal of thought and consideration. As I await Pantone to release its Colour Of The Year, more exciting for me than New Year’s Eve, I have scoured the internet to find out what other designers are predicting the colour trends for 2022 to be.

However, the future can be a tricky place to predict. As much as we love looking back at past trends and predicting what’s next, sometimes our crystal balls get cloudy, and sometimes they are spot on!

So here are just a few predictions from our online community:


Muted Tones

Shades of Yellow

Bright and Vibrant

Soft and Muted

Retro Colour Schemes

Hyper-Saturated Colour Contrast

Do you have a favourite? I’ll check back in later in 2022 to see which of these predictions were correct, and which weren’t even on the radar.

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